About us

Our Staff

The staff at Stepping Stones have been carefully chosen for their experience and understanding of early childhood education. They have an abundance of patience and truly understand the needs of young children. Their ready smiles and warm hearts help the children to feel welcome and secure. This professional and caring environment gives the children and their families a secure base, which is welcomed in this expat community.

Teacher Team in the Fish Class

– Playgroup –

Silvana, Fay, Larisa, Angie, Anna


Teacher Team in the Mice Class

– Pre-school –

Annemarie, Grethe, Silvy, Rosie, Silvana, Sarah


Teacher Team in the Owl Class

– Pre-kindergarten –

Nate, Jeanette, Halimah, Sarah, Niki


Teacher Team in the Bear Class

– Kindergarten –

Jude, Nikki, Liz, Nate, Gaby, Niki, Larisa