Classes at Stepping Stones

Playgroup for children ages 2-3 years

Pre-school for children ages 3-4 years

Pre-Kindergarten for children ages 4-5 years

Kindergarten for children ages 5-7 years


The classes are run every weekday and children may attend:

Two times a week on Tue Thu

Three times a week on Mon / Wed / Fri

Five times a week on all weekdays



Morning classes start at 9:00 and finish at 12:30.

Full day classes start at 9:00 and finish at 15:30.

Children may arrive between 8:45 and 9:00.


Daycare hours available from 7.30 until 18.00 



Our curriculum develops enquiring minds and a positive attitude. It aims to create an environment in which children feel secure and confident. The children at Stepping Stones are stimulated to enjoy learning through a variety of well-planned and carefully structured activities. They develop skills and concepts that will prepare them for primary school and give them a sound foundation for future learning.

 All of the classes at Stepping Stones follow an Early Childhood Education Curriculum, which incorporates the following six areas of learning:

  • Personal, emotional and social development
  • Communication, language and literacy
  • Mathematical development
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Creative development
  • Physical development

We complement the curriculum with exercises to develop the children’s co-ordination as well as their fine and gross motor skills. We also take regular walks and go on excursions throughout the school year.

The class sizes at Stepping Stones are small and are lead by qualified and experienced childcare staff and teachers, who have been carefully chosen for their experience and understanding of early childhood education.


Playgroup / Pre-school

The Playgroup and Pre-school classes have a flexible timetable to allow for the individual needs of these young children. Nappies are changed regularly and cuddles are given freely. A variety of creative and learning activities are offered such as painting, cutting, sticking, puzzles, number, shape games and language games, baking, play dough, threading and more. The children are introduced to our STEPS program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Problem Solving) where knowledge based learning is promoted in a team setting, usually with mixed age groups.

The Playgroup and Pre-school classes have regular movement lessons (indoors and outdoors) where they work on improving their gross motor skills, ball skills, balance coordination, strength and stamina. Music and singing sessions are an integral part of the Stepping Stones day. The children are also inspired through stories, finger plays, rhymes and books. Throughout the day, the children have the opportunity for indoor and outdoor free play, sand, water and role play at the school and at the nearby ‘Robi’ adventure playground.


Pre-kindergarten / Kindergarten

The Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten classes have a more structured timetable, which nevertheless allows for flexibility throughout the school day. A balance of learning activities are provided for these classes, such as math and language activities and games, science and baking activities and much more. The Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten also have the opportunity to develop their creative skills through regular art lessons. Through carefully planned lessons and interesting theme work the children are introduced to reading, writing and basic mathematical concepts as well as discovering and understanding more about the world around them. They participate in our STEPS program where they are encouraged to use Science, Technology, Engineering and Problem Solving skills individually, in pairs and as part of a team.

Indoor and outdoor movement and sport lessons are incorporated into the weekly schedule. Here the children work on their gross motor skills, ball skills, balance, coordination, strength and stamina through a variety of fun challenges and games. Team work and individual achievements are recognised here. Once a week the Kindergarten children walk to a nearby sports hall for a more challenging 45 minute sports lesson.

Music and singing sessions are an integral part of the Stepping Stones day. Here the children can learn new songs and rhythms, using all kinds of percussion instruments and in the Kindergarten class, they make an introduction to playing the recorder

To provide a balance in the daily schedule, the Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten children also have the opportunity for indoor and outdoor free play, sand, water and role play at the school and at the nearby ‘Robi’ adventure playground.

German Lessons for the Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten Classes

Starting in August 2018, German lesson will be incorporated into the school curriculum for the Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten pupils. Those children who are already fluent in German will be offered individual support with their English language and literacy.

The German lessons take place at Stepping Stones on Monday and Tuesday afternoons at 14.00 and the lessons are given by ‘Wunderfitz und Redeblitz’ a school that specialises in developing language skills in the early years. A Stepping Stones staff member is present during these lessons.

Link: Wunderfitz und Redeblitz.

Swimming Lessons for the Kindergarten Class

During the third term, the Kindergarten class attends a weekly swimming lesson at the nearby ‘Lättich’ pool in Baar. The lessons are led by a qualified swimming instructor, supported by the Stepping Stones class teacher. Basic swimming skills and gaining confidence in the water are the main skills learned at these lessons. As the Lättich pool is just a 20-minute walk along the nearby walking paths, the children are able to walk to and from the pool, having a picnic snack on route.

Road Safety for the Kindergarten Class 

In preparation for starting school, the local ‘Zuger Polizei’ (Zug police) visits the Kindergarten class in term one and instructs them on the importance of road safety. The children learn valuable rules about walking by a road and how to cross the road safely at the pedestrian crossings.


Day care

Day care is available to all pupils enrolled at Stepping Stones from 7.30-18.00 each weekday. Day care should be arranged at the office in advance and can be arranged as a one-off or on a term basis.

Pupils attending day care during school hours, join in with the regular daily class activities. Pupils attending day care before or after school, are cared for by our experienced and qualified staff members. They are given refreshments as needed and lots of individual attention.

Our day care program is available during term time (please observe the school calendar). Additionally, Stepping Stones offers four weeks of day care during our school holidays; one week in December and three weeks in June/July.


After School Activities

At Stepping Stones we offer the following after-school activities from 15.30-16.30. The after-school activities are organised by independent organisations and classes are held within the Stepping Stones facilities. The after-school activities are not included in the term fees and are billed separately at the start of each term.

For more information about the classes available at Stepping Stones this term, please contact the office.

The after school activities include: Playball for children age 3-6 years Playball logo


Mandatory Hours for Kindergarten Pupils Residing in Kanton Zug

Stepping Stones pupils, who have reached the Swiss mandatory Kindergarten age, are required to attend the minimum amount of hours stipulated by the canton of (their) residence. Children residing in the canton of Zug are required to attend a minimum of 17.5 hours. These hours do not include lunch breaks.

What is the mandatory Kindergarten age in Canton Zug?

It is mandatory for children who reach the age of 5 years by the end of February to attend the mandatory number of hours in Kindergarten in the following August. Children who turn 5 by 31st May, who are intending to go to school after 1 year of Kindergarten, must also attend the mandatory hours required in Kindergarten.

How many days should your child attend Stepping Stones to cover the mandatory minimum if you reside in Canton Zug?

A child of mandatory Kindergarten age, residing in Canton Zug must attend a minimum of one of the following options:

  • 5 mornings/week from 9.00-12.30
  • 3 full days/week from 9.00-15.30 plus 1 half day/week from 9.00-12.30
  • 2 full days/week from 9.00-15.30 plus 2 half days/week from 9.00-12.30

Families residing outside Canton Zug must check with their local authorities.

Kindergarten pupils who have not yet reached the mandatory Kindergarten age may attend as often as set out in the Stepping Stones Class Schedule. We do however advise that Kindergarten pupils attend daily in order to cover the Kindergarten curriculum.

Kindergarten Remuneration

Stepping Stones receive a cantonal contribution for each child of mandatory Kindergarten age residing in Canton Zug, provided they are enrolled at Stepping Stones before 1st November of that school year. Stepping Stones are, by law required to forward 50% of this contribution to the parents. This is done by giving a Kindergarten remuneration in the third school term and is directly deducted from the third term invoice sent out in March.

More Information

For more information about Mandatory Kindergarten, please contact the authorities in the town or village of your residence.

You may also contact us if you have any further questions.

Stepping Stones Management.


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