A day at Stepping Stones is full of a vast array of many different activities, each chosen for a specific reason.
The activities follow the six areas of our curriculum as well as the different themes throughout the school year.
Please find a few examples in the pages below:


Staff First Aid Training

Download Staff First Aid Training


North and South Pole

Download North and South Pole


Natur- und Tierpark

Download Natur- und Tierpark



Endangered habitats

Download endangered habitats


Pre-school “Robi” visit

Download Pre-school “Robi” visit


Fish in a bottle

Download fish in a bottle



Playgroup baking

Download Playgroup baking



Bear Café preparations

Download Bear Café preparations


Bees STEPS challenge

Download Bees STEPS challenge


Sensory tray exploring

Download Sensory tray exploring


Gym class at Sennweid

Download Gym class at Sennweid


Counting and writing

Download Counting and writing


Elmer the elephant

Download Elmer the elephant

Music and Singing Time

Download Music and Singing Time


My first week

Download My first week