Choosing a school for your child is a very personal matter and the questions that arise are usually very individual. We therefore encourage you to call or email us with your questions so that we can answer them personally. Contact us here, however are a few of the most frequently asked questions:

Frequently asked questions

Does Stepping Stones follow a curriculum?

Yes. Stepping Stones has created its own unique curriculum based on our knowledge and experience of working with children in the early years. It has a foundation taken from the guidelines of the English National curriculum but has been adapted to include elements from other early years programs. We have allowed flexibility within our curriculum and taken into consideration the Swiss/expat environment that we live in. Our curriculum prepares the children for future learning wherever they may move onto after Stepping Stones.

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Is Stepping Stones a bilingual school?

No. Stepping Stones is not a bilingual school. The instructional language is English. We do however offer extra curricular German classes to children age 4+ if the interest is sufficient.

What is the minimum attendance time?

Children should attend a minimum of 2 mornings per week.

Can I choose which days my child attends?

Yes and No. Children who attend 2 times per week must attend on Tuesday and Thursdays. If they attend 3 times per week they must attend on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. They may also attend 5 times per week Monday-Friday. Children may attend mornings or full days or a combination of both. This keeps stability within the groups and gives the opportunity to work on group dynamics.
We recommend that the children attend regularly to get the full benefit of the curriculum.

What age can children start at Stepping Stones?

Children may start Stepping Stones at the start of the school year in August provided that they turn two years old before December 31st of that year. We prefer children to start at the beginning of the school year in August but they may also start in the second or third term provided that there are places available. If they turn two after December 31st they must wait for the new school year in August of the next year to attend.

Do we offer day care?

Yes, we do. Day care is available between the hours 7.30 and 18.00 for children who attend Stepping Stones. This can be arranged as a one-off situation or on a regular basis. Day care outside these hours must be organized with the management.

Popular day care arrangements include:
• Early drop off from 7.30
• Late pick up until 18.00
• Lunch time extension 12.30-13.30
• An extra morning, afternoon or day outside the usual attendance times.

Do we provide food and drinks for the children?

Morning snack is provided by the school and consists of fresh fruit and vegetable crudities followed by bread or crackers. The children are offered a choice of juice or water to drink. This is included in the term fee. Parents may request a hot lunch for children attending over the lunch period. Stepping Stones has arranged with menuandmore” to prepare and deliver healthy, balanced and child-friendly menu items and consumer products. A separate application for  “Hot Lunches” should be completed for each child attending over the lunch period. The applications are located on the website or are available in the office. Hot lunches are invoiced separately on a terms basis.

Alternatively you may provide a cold packed lunch for your child.

At lunchtime the children are offered water to drink and another drink is offered later in the afternoon.

Do you have a school bus?

No we do not. We ask the parents or carers to bring the children right into the school and to their classrooms. We feel it is important with such young children to have regular contact with parents and carers.

For all other questions, please contact us.
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