Playgroup and Pre-School

The Playgroup and Pre-school classes have a flexible timetable to allow for the individual needs of these young children. Nappies are changed regularly and cuddles are given freely. A variety of creative and learning activities are offered such as painting, cutting, sticking, puzzles, number, shape games and language games, baking, play dough, threading and more. The children are introduced to our STEPS program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Problem Solving) where knowledge based learning is promoted in a team setting, usually with mixed age groups.

The Playgroup and Pre-school classes have regular movement lessons (indoors and outdoors) where they work on improving their gross motor skills, ball skills, balance coordination, strength and stamina. Music and singing sessions are an integral part of the Stepping Stones day. The children are also inspired through stories, finger plays, rhymes and books. Throughout the day, the children have the opportunity for indoor and outdoor free play, sand, water and role play at the school and at the nearby ‘Robi’ adventure playground.

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