School History

Stepping Stones, the school for Early Childhood Education was established in 2002. The aim at Stepping Stones was clear from the start: to provide a secure and caring environment where children can learn through play and stimulating activities, where their need for care and emotional support as well as for learning experiences is recognised.

Stepping Stones first started with facilities for 25 children per day in 2002. This number soon increased, due to a high demand for quality Early Childhood Education. In 2007 we expanded our premises as our numbers grew to 66, which still reflects our current numbers. Since 2016 the school has been led by Liz Christensen, Annemarie Schellinger and Fay Marbot.

Over the years we have had the privilege of welcoming children from many varied nationalities to our school. Currently we have children from 26 different nationalities. Together, we have reached many milestones and August 2017 marked the start of yet another one; our 15th school year.

Employing qualified staff members has always been important to us. In 2009, together with the local authorities, we initiated a project by which foreign qualifications could easily be transferred to local Swiss requirements. We also support the local apprentice system and have offered a place to learn and work at Stepping Stones, to more than 10 individuals over the years.

Organising regular staff training sessions as well as first aid courses, has helped us to equip our staff with the knowledge of how to best provide for the children in their care. Furthermore, Stepping Stones plays an active role in the International educational community and was one of the founding members of Circle of Schools.

In 2010, when mandatory Kindergarten was introduced in the Canton of Zug, Stepping Stones received its certification enabling the school to continue to offer a two-year Kindergarten programme in accordance with Swiss Education Rules and Regulations.

Nutrition forms an important part in the development of young children. The snack at Stepping Stones is carefully chosen, taking seasonal and locally produced produce into consideration. In 2011 we expended on this philosophy when we introduced a hot lunch program. With our current partner, menuandmore, we are happy to provide carefully chosen, healthy and child friendly meals.

Together with nutrition, movement forms another important part of a healthy individual. In 2011 we participated in the locally organised “Purzelbaum” program, translated as “roly-poly”. Purzelbaum’s aim is to allow for organised, as well as naturally occurring movement during the early years. The program completed in 2012 and to this day we still incorporate many of the valuable ideas.

Part of our plans for the school year 2017 and 2018 is to look into how we can lower our environmental footprint as a school. Strategies will be implemented both in the administration area as well as incorporating this mindset with our students.


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