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Our Staff

The staff at Stepping Stones have been carefully chosen for their experience and understanding of early childhood education. They have an abundance of patience and truly understand the needs of young children. Their ready smiles and warm hearts help the children to feel welcome and secure. This professional and caring environment gives the children and their families a secure base, which is welcomed in this expat community.

Teacher Team in the Fish Class

– Playgroup –

Rosie, Anna, Fay and Camille


Teacher Team in the Mice Class

– Pre-school –

Annemarie, Silvy, Sarah, Camille, Jeanette, Silvana and Gigi


Teacher Team in the Owl Class

– Pre-kindergarten –

Sarah, Halimah and Niki


Teacher Team in the Bear Class

– Kindergarten –

Liz, Sarah, Jeanette, Jude and Laia


Annemarie, Liz and Fay




One of the owners at Stepping Stones, Fay holds a BS PLUS degree in Education and has been at Stepping Stones since 2004. Over the years Fay has attended various courses including creative learning and HANDLE workshops. She joined the management team in 2016 and is the class teacher for the Tuesday, Thursday Fish group. With her nurturing nature and backpack full of patience, Fay makes every child feel special and welcome. She is a passionate diver, so spends time with fish, even in her free time!



Anna has an Early Childhood Development (Swiss FABE) diploma and has been at Stepping Stones since 2014. Interested in Special Needs, Anna is in the process of further education in this field.  She is currently the class teacher for the Fish group on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Being sensitive to the individual needs of the children Anna is able to guide and supports the children in their development.  Anna loves fashion and her fun-loving attitude to style, is reflected in her daily activities with the children.



Rosie joined the Stepping Stones team in 2008 and has been a valuable class room assistant ever since.  She has attended courses around class assisting and in Early Childhood Development. This year you will find Rosie assisting in the Fish group from Monday to Friday. Rosie’s warm heart and always ready smile makes everyone around her feel welcome and at ease. In her free time Rosie loves to travel and sample the local cuisine.



One of the founding members of Stepping Stones, Annemarie has a BA in Art History and a diploma in Early Childhood Play and Development.  A qualified HANDLE screener and KOST therapist, she keeps up to date in this field by attending courses in childhood development, including Brain Gym and language development.  Annemarie teaches the Tuesday, Thursday Mice group. The children benefit from her hands-on approach with an abundance of sensory exploration. During her free time Annemarie enjoys a game of tennis and is mum to three grown up children.



Holding a BA in Early Childhood Education Silvy has been with Stepping Stones since 2008. She has steadily furthered her education in Early Childhood Education by attending specialised courses and is especially interested in the literacy field. Silvy teaches the Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mice group.


Sarah has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Pre-school practice. She joined the Stepping Stones team in 2010. She also has a BA Honours degree and PGCE in Mathematics, and as one of her passions, she is able to integrate this effortlessly into her daily lessons with the Mice. She teaches the Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mice group. Her bright and sparkly nature is infectious and she motivates the children with her positive attitude. Apart from being a mum to two grown up children, Sarah likes to keep busy in her beautiful garden.



After completing her Early Childhood Development (Swiss FABE) diploma at Stepping Stones in 2012, Gigi worked at other childhood centers to gain further experience.  She returned to Stepping Stones in 2016 further qualified as a mentor in the Swiss apprenticeship program. She teaches the Mice group on Tuesday and Thursday.  With her unwavering empathy for children and friendly nature she stimulates the children with age appropriate activities and games promoting the development of fine and gross motor skills.  She is a passionate footballer and also teaches Playball in her free time.



Silvana has a BA in Primary School Education and has been at Stepping Stones since 2013.   She has attended a HANDLE course to better understand the needs of young children. She assists Silvy in the Mice group on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Her friendly and positive nature helps the children to integrate within the group and she actively helps them to solve conflicts and problems.  On weekends she can be found exploring the walking trails of Switzerland and is a soon to be first time mum!



In the final year of her Early Childhood Development (Swiss FABE) diploma, Jeanette re-joined the Stepping Stones team in 2016.  She spent a couple of months with us in 2011 as part of a work experience program. She then pursued a business path, gaining her KV (Swiss business) qualification, but realised her true passion was working with children. She is assisting in the Mice on Tuesday and Thursday and joins the Bears on Monday and Wednesday. A book lover, her enthusiasm for the magical make-believe world of stories is passed on to the children.



Camille joined our team at the beginning of this school year, as a first-year apprentice.  During the next three years, she will complete the Early Childhood Development (Swiss FABE) diploma.  On Monday and Wednesday Camille assists in the Fish group and on Tuesday she helps in the Mice group. New to Stepping Stones, she has quickly found her place within the team as well as with the children due to her attentive and caring nature. During her free time Camille loves to explore different cultures and countries, especially spending time at the ocean, her happy place.



In 2014 Halimah joined the team and has a BA in Early Childhood Studies as well as a PYP (IB) Diploma. She has previously worked in the United Kingdom and Sweden. A passionate yoga teacher, including a specialised diploma to teach children, she incorporates mindfulness and yoga techniques into her teaching days. Halimah is the teacher in the Owl group on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and assists on Tuesday and Thursday. Always friendly and warm, she is able to communicate with the children on their level. In her free time, Halimah is an active member of the English Theatre Group of Zug.



Niki joined Stepping Stones in 2017 and has a PGCE Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Development as well as a business degree from UNISA. She is also TESOL qualified to teach English as a foreign language to children and adults. She keeps up to date in her current field, by attending workshops around Early Childhood Development.  Niki teaches the Tuesday, Thursday Owl group.  Her caring, positive nature and her ability to listen to and understand the children’ needs, allows her to offer constructive support. A cat lover and sports enthusiast she also likes to travel.



In 2011, Sarah joined the Stepping Stones team firstly as an intern and later becoming an apprentice. In 2015 she gained a diploma in Early Childhood Development (Swiss FABE) and went on to qualify as a mentor for the Swiss Apprenticeship program. Having been one of the main teachers in the Owl group the last two years, Sarah has chosen to step into an assistant role this year, as she is planning to travel during the winter term. She hopes to combine this travel, with gaining further work experience. Sarah assists in the Bear and Owl groups Monday to Friday. Her ability to access the individual needs and potential of each child allows her to support each child in their development. In her free time, she is a keen EVZ supporter and rarely misses a match!



A founding member of Stepping Stones, Liz has a diploma in NNEB Early Childhood Education and Development as well a diploma in teaching English. She is a qualified aerobics teacher with an emphasis on nutrition and has recently completed a Kids Sports Instructor course from BASPO. Her passion for sport is reflected in her day to day lesson plans. She teaches the Bear group on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Liz is able to motivate the children to reach goals they did not believe they could.  She attains this by setting small reachable milestones, offering support, until the final step is reached. Mum of three, Liz spends her free time teaching gymnastics both here at school and in a club.



Jude joined Stepping Stones in 2008 and has a PGCE in Early Childhood Education and a Masters in International Education. She also holds a BSc in Psychology degree. She furthers her knowledge in this field by attending courses, including one for special needs. She is the head of the Bear teachers and teaches on Monday to Thursday. With her feet firmly on the ground, Jude offers the children a stable base from where to grow and reach their full potential. The confidence gained from this, spurs on their independence, a vital step in preparation for Primary school. Jude is kept busy at home with her two little ones or can be found exploring the coast of Croatia.


Teaching the Bears on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, Laia has a BA in Primary School Education as well as a Special Needs Qualification.  Always eager to improve her knowledge, she is in the process of completing a PGCE bachelors in Early Childhood Education.  Laia joined the Stepping Stones team in 2018.  She has an abundance of ideas, inspiring the children and her fellow team members alike. She excels at developing the children’s competence through meaningful experiences.  In her free time, she loves to travel and if she could, would travel to Hogwarts!



Diane joined the Stepping Stones team in 2007, first as an assistant and later as one of the Mice teachers.  During this time Diane attended a teaching assistant course and HANDLE workshops.  Since 2015 Diane has been responsible for the meal planning and purchasing at Stepping Stones. She is at school Monday to Friday and keeps the day to day running of the school on track, looking after all the household needs of our busy and bustling school.  She is an example to the children, supporting them in following our newly incorporated environmentally friendly attitude.  Diane likes to attend fitness classes including yoga and is mum to three grown up children.