as of 1st August 2020

Once-Only Registration Fee

Annual Fees for Regular School Attendance

Playgroup 2-3 years and Pre-school 3-4 years

*including a nutritional hot lunch served at 12.45

Pre-kindergarten 4-5 years and Kindergarten 5-7 years

*including a nutritional hot lunch served at 12.45

Annual Prices for Before and After School Day Care

Ad Hoc Day Care Fees

*subject to availability

Payment of Annual School Fees and Other Day Care Fees

  • Annual fee invoices are sent in August and are payable 30 days after the date of issue.
  • Annual fees may be paid in 3 instalments, by prior arrangement; 40% in August, 30% in December, 30% in March or alternatively in 10 monthly instalments, commencing in August and ending in May. Please note that a CHF 100.00 administration fee will be due in August for payment in monthly instalments.
  • Invoices for ad hoc day care are issued at the end of each school term.
  • Late payment reminders carry a 5% fee.

Discounts to Annual School Fees and Day Care Fees

  • Sibling discount is given on regular school attendance only; 5% for a second child, 10% for a third child.
  • No sibling discount can be given on day care fees.

Late Enrolments/Early Withdrawals during the School Year

  • Annual fees, for pupils starting later than the start of the school year in August, will be pro-rated according to the date of enrolment. A refund can be given for withdrawals during the school year, provided that the notice period in the Stepping Stones „Terms and Conditions of Enrolment“ is adhered to.

Stepping Stones Holiday Day Care Fees as of 1st August 2019

Dates for Day Care during the Stepping Stones School Holidays

Weekly Prices for Day Care during the Stepping Stones School Holidays

* Hot lunch program is not available during holiday day care. Please provide a cold packed lunch.

Payment and Attendance of Holiday Day Care

  • Children may attend between one and 5 times per week, with arrival between 08.00 and 09.00 and departure at either 12.00, 14.00, 16.00 or 18.00.
  • Invoices for holiday day care are sent retrospectively and are payable within 30 days of issue.

Discounts to Holiday Day Care Fees

  • Please note that no sibling discount can be given for holiday day care.

Cancellations/Absences of Holiday Day Care

  • A four week notice period, prior to the start of each holiday day care week, is required for cancellations of holiday day care. Charge will be made in full for late cancellations.
  • No discount can be given for absences, except in the case of illness when a doctor’s note is provided. In such cases a 50% refund may be offered

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Mandatory hours for kindergarten pupils residing in kanton Zug


Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

The School Year
The school year runs from the end of August to June and is divided into three terms (actual dates are given in the annual school calendar). Term fees are due in August, January and March.

Stepping Stones accepts children of all nationalities between the ages of 2 and 7 years. We advise that both parent and child visit the school before enrolment.

The school is covered by a «Kindergarten» accident insurance policy. Parents should provide personal insurance cover for their child, as they feel necessary.

To register your child at Stepping Stones, the application form must be filled in. On acceptance, a once-only non-refundable registration fee must be paid within 10 days in order to reserve your child’s place. In addition, the enrolment agreement form must be signed and returned to us within 10 days.

There are 3 dates notice of cancellation can be given.
Notice by 30th September for the Second Term starting in January
Notice by 31st January for the Third Term starting in April
Notice by 31st May for the following school year starting in August

All cancellations must be in writing. If notice of cancellation is received after the above given dates, the full terms fee will be charged for the following term.

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